About Sundial Arts Eco-Apparel

Please CONTACT US at SUNDIALPRINTS@GMAIL.COM if you have any questions about anything (really, we are super nice people) We'd love to hear from you!

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Live Brightly knowing your apparel reflects ecological and social values worth wearing on your sleeve! Sundial Arts Eco-Apparel is a small Family-owned business, hand printing each item deep in the mountains of northern California

Sundial Arts Apparel (Sundial Prints) is founded by Sunny Lindley and was recently purchased and managed by print artist Zach Schneeman.  All our pieces are made from 100% natural, organic and/or recycled materials passing on to the consumer the good juju that comes from knowing that your purchase is not contributing to the destruction of our planet, or of the social capitol on which we all depend. When you display or wear our art you are not simply a consumer, but part of a movement for a sustainable future.

We are very selective about the pre-made garments we purchase considering natural fiber content, fit, style, durability and socially and ecologically responsible manufacturing. The art printed on these pre-made garments is all original art acquired through collaboration with pen and ink artists Justin Devecka, Raul Ramos, Brooke Nuckles Gentekos and Zach Schneeman and are printed one at a time by Zach.