Custom Printing for your Business or Band

Thank you for your interest in screen printing services from Sundial Arts! We provide all organic tee shirts certified as ecologically and socially responsible so that you can rest assured that the apparel you are distributing with your brand is an expression of values worth wearing on your sleeve!

Each item is printed by hand one at a time with ecologically friendly permanent water based ink that is heat set for longevity of the print. We only offer single color screen printing.



Screen Burning $45

Printing Per Item $8

Oversize image per item add $1.50 

Ink color change (same image) $10

Purchase your screen $25

Rush order $35

Graphic Design $30/hr

General tee shirt orders are completed within 20 days of receiving the art file. Garments from varying companies and of varying sizes or colors, please allow 30 days.

Here is what we need to prepare your screen:

You must provide a ready for printing jpg or psd file with your t-shirt art. One color images only please. Ready for printing means that the image file is the size that you want it on the shirt. Our transparency films are 11x17 and 13x19.

  • Please leave at least a half inch border to accommodate the printable area. The image can be no more than 10 inches in either direction. A larger image can be printed (up to 16 inches) for an additional $20 fee to cover acquiring a large format transparency film from a specialty printshop.
  • The image should be rendered in solid black monotone or duotone (not grey) and no line should be smaller than 1mil for quality. Images with shading that is cross-hatched or stippled screen print the best.
  • The image file needs to be at least 300dpi resolution or better.
  • Please email the image file/s to jpg’s are best, but pdf’s are ok too. You may also send as a file shared through google drive.
  • I cannot be responsible for preparing your art for printing such as resizing, making a transparent background etc. Please send the file print ready as specified.
  • The screen itself will be reserved for you for 30 days after the completion of your order. If you wish to order more printing after 30 days, you’ll need to pay the screen fee and project initiation fee again. If you’d prefer, you can pay an additional $25 and own the screen. In this case you would receive the screen when you receive your completed order.


After you've submitted your art to me, I will schedule an appointment to look at catalogs and go over shirt options and make a plan for artistic considerations such as print size, location and ink color. 

I provide organic 100% cotton tee shirts from multiple suppliers for you to choose from. Discounts for the shirts are relative to the number of shirts you are ordering as follows: 

5-10 Items 5%

10-25 Items 15%

25 or more Items 25%

We recommend a size array as follows for men’s tees 2S, 4M, 10L, 6XL and women’s tees: 4S, 10M, 6L, 2XL

Recommended retail price for your finished shirts $ 30. We ask that you respectfully don't undersell our retail prices. 

Thank you for your inquiry about custom screen printing from Sundial Arts! I look forward to supporting your business or band with quality eco-friendly branding merchandise!

Best Regards,

Zach Schneeman